Antica Ceramica Rubiera manufactures porcelain stoneware tiles for both residential and commercial environments.
The ongoing investment in production technologies, research and development have made Antica Ceramica Rubiera a modern & dynamic factory, manufacturing products that are known for their great technical performance and high aesthetic layouts, a perfect match for contemporary trends.
The company has focused on the regeneration by applying modern systems based on digital technology and cutting edge integrated engineering solutions, leading Antica Ceramica Rubiera to become a laboratory of technology in recent years, capable of creating, developing and producing new ceramic contents.

Our collections


Reproduction of the essence of the metal, light nuances and rich graphic. The design contemporary-industrial and the slightly shaded surfaces enrich both residential and commercial areas.

Artistic Stone

Wall tiles designed to create contemporary environments, the essential soul makes this collection simple and elegant at the same time and capable of enriching surfaces enhancing their aesthetic with the utmost naturalness.


Decors collection arise from the wonderful combination of creativity, design and technological innovation, in which colors are made with the latest glazes and pigments in full respect of the environment.


The versatile design of Ermetica collection stands with dreamers while material and color made of highly performing porcelain stoneware, create unique environments with timeless fashion, a gentle look, always beautiful.

Memento Travertino

Memento is a versatile collection and offers sophisticated solutions to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements. It offers new perspectives and obtains charming, refined and timeless atmospheres.


The 6 color proposals and the multiple sizes available with the innovative In / Out surface, allow technical solutions that are perfectly integrated in the stylistic research of the concrete look and satisfy every need of modern architecture.

Antica Ceramica Rubiera: Cersaie 2022 virtual tour

Antica Ceramica Rubiera is part of EcoDADO+Group an industrial and commercial partnership also comprising Dado Ceramica, Antica Ceramica Rubiera e Cotto Petrus.

Cutomer service, digital technology, ecossustainability, ethical code: impegni concreti per comunicare con chiarezza l'origine e la qualità dei nostri prodotti, nel totale rispetto e salvaguardia dell'ambiente.