Antica Ceramica Rubiera manufactures porcelain stoneware tiles for both residential and commercial environments.
The ongoing investment in production technologies, research and development have made Antica Ceramica Rubiera a modern & dynamic factory, manufacturing products that are known for their great technical performance and high aesthetic layouts, a perfect match for contemporary trends.
The company has focused on the regeneration by applying modern systems based on digital technology and cutting edge integrated engineering solutions, leading Antica Ceramica Rubiera to become a laboratory of technology in recent years, capable of creating, developing and producing new ceramic contents.

ACR News

Nuovo Catalogo Generale 2020/21

September 14, 2020
Ecco il nuovo catalogo di ACR Antica Ceramica Rubiera: nuove serie, nuovi formati, nuovi colori!


Outdoor is the ACR solution for exterior flooring. The available thickness 20 mm and the new 30 mm and the high technical performance, combined with the simplicity of the installation and removal, make these products versatile and safe both in public and private areas.


The Ermetica collection jealously shows the millenary details of natural stone, details that provide an extraordinary charm in the eyes of those who look and those who enjoy the nuances of contemporary living. 4 colors and 3 sizes for the most demanding!


Dolmen combines a powerfull design with a mix of classic elegance which enhances its creativity for modern, metropolitan and sub-urban architecture, indoors and outdoors!

Antica Ceramica Rubiera is part of EcoDADO+Group an industrial and commercial partnership also comprising Dado Ceramica, Antica Ceramica Rubiera e Cotto Petrus.

Cutomer service, digital technology, ecossustainability, ethical code: impegni concreti per comunicare con chiarezza l'origine e la qualità dei nostri prodotti, nel totale rispetto e salvaguardia dell'ambiente.