Colored body porcelain stoneware

The Ermetica collection jealously shows the millenary details of natural stone, details that provide an extraordinary charm in the eyes of those who look and those who enjoy the nuances of contemporary living. The versatile design stands with dreamers while material and color made of highly performing porcelain stoneware, create unique environments with timeless fashion, a gentle look, always beautiful and green, in full respect of the environment! 4 colors and 3 sizes for the most demanding!

4 Colours
2 Spessori
3 Sizes

Colours available

Ermetica Bianco
Ermetica Crema
Ermetica Grigio
Ermetica Lavagna


Rigat-One Ermetica Bianco
Rigat-One Ermetica Bianco
Rigat-One Ermetica Lavagna
Rigat-One Ermetica Lavagna