Outdoor 4.0 Architetture

Rectified porcelain stoneware

OUTDOOR is Antica Ceramica Rubiera solution for exterior flooring (urban areas, avenues, terraces, swimming pools, parking areas, public gardens, and many more..). The available thicknesses (20 mm, the new 30 mm) and the high technical performance, combined with the easiness of the installation and removal, make these products versatile and safe both for public and private areas. The types of installation, on grass, on sand, on gravel, screed with glue or raised, and the designs available, fully meet the various needs.


70 Colours
2 Spessori
8 Sizes

Colours available

Ultra Evoq Avorio
Ultra Evoq Nero
Ultra Evoq Night
Ultra Black
Ultra Mustang
Shellstone Bianco Out
Ultra Landscape Day
Shellstone Beige Out
Ultra Landscape Night
Ultra Wood
Ultra Barge
Ultra Vals Light
Ultra Vals Dark
Ultra Aspen Grigio
Ultra Aspen Fumè
Ultra Aspen Antracite
Ultra Aspen Bianco
Ultra Contemporary Brown
Ultra Contemporary Light Grey
Ultra Gare Sand
Ultra Gare Graphite
Ultra Basic Grey
Ultra Cult Grey
Ultra Essenze Gelsomino
Ultra Essenze Vaniglia
Ultra Essenze Cannella
Ultra Essenze Sandalo
Ultra Slate Grey
Ultra Baviera
Ultra Universal Oak
Scout Beige
Scout White
Scout Fog
Ultra Argos Beige
Scout Smoke
Ultra Argos White
Scout Black
Ultra Argos Grey
Ultra Downtown Wood Warm
Ultra Rigat-One Frame Mid
Ultra Queen Stone Avorio
Ultra Queen Stone Acciaio
Ultra Shellstone Grigio
Ultra Shellstone Taupe
Ultra Time Stone Cenere
Ultra Time Stone Sabbia
Ultra Time Stone Ghiaccio
Ultra Time Stone Grafite
Ultra Ikon Amber
Ultra Mansion Mid
Ultra Selciato
Ultra Mansion Warm
Ultra Aspen Beige
Ultra Mask Grafite
Ultra Mask Ivory
Ultra Mask Silver
Ultra Mask Tobacco
Ultra Solid Beige
Ultra Solid Black
Ultra Solid Light Grey
Ultra Solid White
Ultra Forest Dark Grey
Ultra Gare Grey
Ultra Landscape Cloud
Sensi Light
Sensi Medium
Ultra Solid Grey
Ultra Ermetica Lavagna
Ultra Ermetica Grigio
Ultra Ermetica Bianco